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I will treat many topics: ideas and tips to inspire your wedding, real weddings to excite you and let you get to the heart of my weddings, suggestions to optimize your time and budget in the months before the wedding.
As a wedding planner, I too often noticed avoidable mistakes in weddings where I was invited, so I will also illustrate the aspects to which you need to pay most attention so that your best day will not be ruined: notions of bon ton, design advice for the perfect set-up, updates on current trends and much more.

In short, a 360-degree wedding blog to stimulate your creativity by keeping your feet on the ground to avoid irreparable mistakes and enjoy your "yes, I do" day!
Of course, hiring a wedding planner may avoid risks or troubles and it would be the best guarantee against any unexpected event but... even these useful blog articles will be very precious!

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20th January 2020


Planning your wedding would makes you think about the reception but aren't you forgetting anything else? If your guests will remember all those moments lived at your wedding party, it is also true that it is up to you to make equally unforgettable your wedding ceremony.

Today I want to share with you the Wedding Etiquette of the perfect ceremony: tips and bon ton rules to start your best day in the right way!


14th December 2019

"Yes, I do" day is a source of stress for brides and grooms. Luckily today, several online tools give them the chance to get a precious and valuable support for the self-planning and not just that...

These web sites can also solve some kinds of last minute problems and make you live the arrival of your special day with no anxiety and stress.

25th November 2019

If you are planning to get married on 2020, here you will find some ideas and helpful tips to design and plan your wedding day in line with the latest wedding trends for 2020.

Every year new styles born and they can be a source of inspiration for the brides and grooms who dream of a personalized wedding combining their tastes with the latest innovations: let's know them better!