Wedding 2021: incoming trends and ideas

23rd April 2020

Following a trend means imitating a seggested or widely spread idea meant to last months or even years. Just as in fashion, wedding trends also evolve continuously as they are influenced by changes in our society and the time in which we live.

Each trend corresponds to a precise but customizable style since wedding is a very personal event and there is no standard that can adapt to the different personalities or tastes of brides and grooms. Being updated on the latest trends means having new ideas and inspiration to define the style that best represents you. Every choice becomes easiest as the selection of the right vendors with which to develop a project that reproduces your wedding as you always imagined it.

In a reality almost left crystallized for months due to the global pandemic, wedding trends for 2021 will follow in some ways those of 2020 but with a particular attention to simplicity and nature together with colors that evoke it.


Minimal wedding is the most contemporary trend for a sober wedding with a modern style.
Minimalism means choosing the essential which should not be confused with the choice of something miserable: each stylistic choice is carefully studied to design wedding stationery and setting up with a clean and elegant design. We could define it as a trend created for those couples with a strong and discreet personality at the same time.

The main colors are pastels with white and intense colored details, without forgetting the floral aspect: flowers contribute to the creation of something innovative with arrangements that follow clear lines. Also the look is essential: clean-cut style for wedding dresses, light make-up and a soft updo hairstyle for a touch of elegance. The ideal setting is a location with a modern design and in total white suitable for all seasons.
This trend is perfect for mini weddings if you want to celebrate with a few loved ones (generally from 20 to 50 people) in your own country or abroad.


Natural wedding is the trend chosen by brides and grooms with a delicate but nonconformist soul.
The classic mood gives way to an unconventional style: from the bohemian wedding with a démodé touch to the trendiest romantic one, every decorative detail follows the chosen style.
The color palette of the natural wedding reproduces the shades of location and season since nature is the protagonist of this trend.

Soft colors with different shades for spring and winter or more intense and contrasting ones for summer and autumn: this trend gives a wide choice of extravagant colors such as purple, yellow, orange and blue or delicate tones combinable with the traditional white.
Floral arrangements, with an apparently wild look, are the result of careful work: a decomposed nature is reproduced to give lightness and informality to the set up.
Characteristic locations surrounded by nature are the most suitable for a natural wedding.


Eco-friendly wedding is the sustainable trend esteemed by couples who care about the environment.
An increasingly current fashion that blends well with the country-chic style in which the rustic joins the good taste to create an informal and refined wedding.
Elements and colors of the earth are in the foreground: raw wood and green vegetation are combined with natural fabrics (cotton, canvas and jute) and white, ivory or ecru nuances. We have the same tones for the look of who chooses the natural or the eco-friendly trend: clothes in ecological fabrics matching hemp, cotton and silk, delicate make-up and a wavy half-bun hairstyle.

The zero environmental impact is the goal of a green wedding and it also influences the floral choice: little vases of wildflowers or floral arrangements with recycled paper are preferred to centerpieces with flowers grown in greenhouses, cut and imported from abroad. Hand-made decorative elements and solidarity favors help to make the wedding a friend of nature.
Farmhouses, large farms and farmstead, adorned with suspending rows of lights, are the right places for a wedding inspired by this trend.


Glamour wedding, although not part of 2021 trends, is a timeless must.
The baroque and classic styles embrace this trend that is loved by those couples who want eyes on them and dream a wedding in the name of pomp.
Glamour is luxury without excess thanks to a careful selection of elaborate and decorative elements matched with simpler details. On the wedding day there is a real riot of flowers: floral chandeliers, long runners and large centerpieces steal the scene with the newlyweds.

Colors are delicate with white, gold and crystal decors. Elegance is a must also for the entertainment: classical background during the ceremony and soft music that slowly turns into a real DJ set to end the wedding reception with your guests.
Most suitable venues are princely type as medieval castles, villas and historic houses perhaps illuminated by a light designer to make the atmosphere more magical.