May 6, 2024

Following a trend means imitating a suggested or widely spread idea meant to last months or even years. Just as in fashion, wedding trends also evolve continuously as they are influenced by changes in our society and the time in which we live. Each trend corresponds to a precise but customizable style since wedding is a very personal event and there is no standard that can adapt to the different personalities or tastes of brides and grooms. Being updated on the latest trends means having new ideas and inspiration to define the style that best represents you. Every choice becomes easiest as the selection of the right vendors with which to develop a project that reproduces your wedding as you always imagined it.

Although the pandemic has had a strong impact on our lives in the last two years, now our needs are returning to what they once were. If until last season we witnessed a slowdown in consumption to prioritize what is necessary, this year it will be possible to start flaunting again without feeling guilty. Let's get ready to be amazed by the 2024/2025 wedding trends!


Luxury wedding is a must and returns to take center stage among the 2024/2025 wedding trends. It can be defined as the perfect combination of classic and modern style: this trend is much loved by couples who want all eyes on and an amazing lavish wedding. Luxury is the protagonist in all its forms since there are those who want to flaunt without sparing expense and those who prefer to avoid excesses through the selection of elaborate decorative elements but matched with simple details.

What distinguishes this trend is the riot of flowers with some or without foliage: descending flower showers on the dance floor, flowered chandeliers, runners on long imperial tables, large arrangements as centerpieces to frame the entire context. The color palette of a luxury wedding does not follow a rule but the shades chosen must match the colors of the venue and are often combined with gold details and/or the transparency of crystals. At the same time, even the wedding stationery must be sought and it is therefore advisable to print on quality papers, fine fabrics or different materials such as plexiglass.

Elegance is also a must for entertainment: classic background during the ceremony and soft music that gradually transforms into a DJ set to conclude your wedding party. The setting must make you feel immersed in a fairy tale and the most suitable scenarios are medieval castles, ancient villas and historic houses to be lighted by a professional light designer for an even more magical atmosphere.


Minimalist wedding is the most contemporary trend for sober weddings with a modern style. Minimalism means choosing the essential which should not to be confused with something miserable: each stylistic choice is carefully studied to design a wedding stationery and setting up with a clean and elegant design. We could define it as the ideal trend for those couples with a strong and discreet personality.

Pastels colors and white are protagonists with a moderate use of intense shades and chrome details. So give space to stationery elements with a slight touch of color and stylized or almost absent graphic motifs. Even the floral arrangement must remain faithful to the style and flowers contribute to create something innovative. Arrangements do not exceed in flowers or foliage and they follow precise lines appropriate to the minimalist concept. One of the latest trends is the use of dried flowers to be used alone or dried floral elements to combine with classic cut flowers.

The bride and groom's look is also essential: clean-cut wedding dresses, light make-up and a soft updo hairstyle for a touch of elegance without excess. The ideal setting is a location with a modern design and in total white but with right combinations, you could also opt for an ancient residence. Furthermore, the minimalist wedding is combined with a trend that has been gaining ground in the last year: the micro wedding. At the time of the pandemic, many couples in fact considered the option of an intimate wedding to celebrate with a few close ones (from 20 to 50 people) and in compliance with preventive measures so as not to endanger the health of hundreds of guests.


Natural wedding is the trend chosen by brides and grooms with a gentle but nonconformist soul. The mood is less traditional and highlights the beauty of nature by embracing more styles still in vogue such as the bohemian with a démodé touch, the romantic but trendy or the country-chic. Locations of any type as long as they are immersed in the greenery of nature or by the sea, are those indicated for a natural wedding in which every decorative detail follows the style of the wedding in an almost uncontaminated context.

The wedding color palette of this trend reproduces the shades of the environment and the season chosen since nature is the protagonist. Soft colors with different shades for spring and winter or more intense and contrasting ones for summer and autumn: those who choose the natural wedding have a wide choice of extravagant colors that can be combined with white or total white matched with different shades of green.

Floral arrangements with lots of foliage and an apparently wild look, are the result of careful work: discomposed lines are made to give lightness and informality to the set-up. To contrast with this apparently confidential context, there is a mise en place with attention to detail thanks to a careful selection of precious elements. A refined wedding stationery that reproduces floral motifs on Amalfi paper or on textured paper, is the icing to give a personalized touch. The bride and groom's clothes must be faithful to the style of the chosen location: for a solution by the sea or in the open countryside, it is advisable to opt for a simple and practical but still chic look. On the contrary, in a castle or an ancient villa surrounded by greenery, you can dare with a more elaborate and refined look.

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Sustainable wedding is the eco-friendly trend preferred by spouses with a sensitive soul and who care about the environment. It is an increasingly current trend that blends well with the country-chic style in which rustic joins the good taste to create an informal and refined wedding. Organizing a sustainable wedding means putting first the relationship with nature and the good of the environment from the first choices: this is how the use of recycled paper is preferred for the wedding stationery, while for the wedding banquet menu we focus on on genuine local products at zero km.

Elements and colors of the earth are in the foreground: raw wood and green vegetation are combined with natural fabrics (cotton, canvas, jute) and white, ivory or ecru shades. The mise en place, in perfect green style, is basically informal on imperial wooden tables, left naked and decorated with long runners together with natural elements. Zero environmental impact is the goal of sustainable weddings and this also influences the floral choice: flower pots or arrangements with fake flowers are preferred to centerpieces with flowers grown in greenhouses, cut and imported from abroad. Hand-made decorative elements and solidarity favors help to make the wedding a friend of nature.

To be faithful to this trend, couples choose dresses in ecological fabrics combining hemp, cotton and silk, while a delicate make-up and a wavy half-bun hairstyle with soft waves are the most suitable for brides. Homesteads and farmhouses decorated with rows of outdoor lights are the right places for a wedding inspired by this trend.