Noemi Bellante realizes weddings, private and corporate events throughout Italy. Born in '89, in Abruzzo, Noemi completed her accounting studies and at the age of 18 she began her law studies in Teramo. In her university career, two exams from the end, Noemi becomes more and more aware of her passion and her skills in Event Planning, expressing her attitude with the parties commissioned by her faculty colleagues: it was time to give up everything and take the right path for her future.

Noemi has always had strong creative and organizational skills since 2014, when she created "Time to Speed Date". Here begins his real journey as an Event Planner by organizing events aimed at single men and women in the main Italian cities. In 2016 Noemi moved to Rome where she received adequate and complete training at the WEA Academy. It was the WEA that passed on to her the knowledge to start her career and give life to her company. In that year she was chosen by some locations in Abruzzo as manager for events and ceremonies. However, her first professional turning point took place in Milan: during an event organized by her, she came into contact with the Italian press office of Men's Health, the best-selling men's magazine in the world. The editorial staff immediately appreciates her charisma and personality, so much so that they interview her in their Milanese studios and she took pose for a shooting that makes her conquer the back cover and 4 pages dedicated.

In the phases of concept, planning and coordination, Noemi takes care of every detail so that the event reflects the client's tastes and is in line with the desired budget. On the other hand, she does not "impose" her ideas on their clients but she respects their wishes by giving valuable advice and solutions to create an event with a "wow" effect! Noemi and her staff talk English to assist all clients and their guests in the best way before and during the wedding/event day.

Noemi Bellante is based in Pescara, Turin and Milan. From time to time she is also a guest in TV and radio as an expert in the wedding industry: “News dal mondo” with Angela Gugliara (RTL 102.5 News), “Pane al Pane” with Nicoletta Prandi (Radio Lombardia), "Rete8 Matinée" with Paola De Simone (Rete8), "8 Mattina in famiglia" with Jennifer Di Vincenzo (Rete8), “Il Punto” with Sergio Mancini (Telemax), “Pink and the City” with Federica Peyla (PrimaAntenna TV).

In 2024 she participated with the well-known Italian television show "Married at First Sight" (Real Time) for the production of a wedding of the 13th edition. She was also chosen as the 2024 Ambassador of Sì Sposaitalia for the Bridal Week in Milan and as a testimonial for the well-known wedding dress brands Nicole Milano and Pronovias.