14th December 2019

Location, dress fittings, guests, flowers, menu... "I don't sleep anymore", said a great soccer player in a famous spot some years ago. That's right: the "I do" day always causes stress to brides and grooms. However, today, thanks to the several online websites, it is possible to obtain a precious and valuable support for the complete self-planning and not just that... In fact, these web sites can also solve some kind of problems to make you live the arrive of your special day with no anxiety and stress.


Among the various support opportunities, the choice is global. The best opportunity available for those who are struggling with wedding preparations, in my opinion is with no doubt Wedding Planning Assistant.

It is the portal of the moment and one of the most used by future spouses who want to have a valid help with the planning phase of their wedding. A real digital support created not just for spouses but also for wedding planners which can have the opportunity to share their projects with the spouses and make them participate as much as possible but also to expand their network of collaborations with professional vendors in their area of work.

Some of the available tools on Wedding Planning Assistant also allow to couples to plan their checklist and budget to avoid breakdowns thanks to the advanced mode that show expected expenses and payments already paid. They have thought of everything: couples can set and display the exact layout of the seats for the ceremony and reception area, theny can save and export the project and prepare placecards and number tables to print.

In addition, there are three functions: finding out the right vendors in a list of the best ones for each category, asking for quotes with no commitment, reading exclusive news and insights about the wedding world.
If the wedding day is getting closer and the preparations seem on the high seas, fortunately on some questions the choice is simple, like the wedding list... onlineIn fact, the choice of the perfect dish service to be listed, the travel agency list, the embarrassment of asking for the not very elegant money gift... are all things of the past. Now the perfect wedding list is made online, with just a few clicks!

The advantage for your guests to choose an online list is obvious: they will finally save time and make their money gifts simply online especially in case they would have problems to go to a store. Do you imagine the convenience of doing everything in a few seconds from the sofa at home using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone while you future spouses will be free to spend the money collected as you want?

Last but not least: when the wedding is coming, there may be new and unexpected costs that could drain your savings and this kind of wedding list may save you!



Splitted is a web site to let your guests partecipate to your wedding list online: through it they can start to make thei money gift directly to your current account. You can soon use it to pay some expenses, such as those for the wedding planner or for the wedding favors, but also the deposits for the photographer, catering and entertainment.

In a matter of minutes you will be able to create your wedding page, personalize your list with a cover image, a description of the wedding and add your desired gifts (money or something else) in complete freedom and add them to your wedding list. Everything will be possible! Then you will invite your friends and relatives by providing them the link of your wedding page as you prefer: Facebook, WhatsApp or via email. With a bank transfer or any credit card, your guests will take part in your wedding list in just a few steps!

If this guide was useful to you, add both portals to your favorites so that you will be able to retrieve them near the wedding. Of course, relying on the best professionals removes any risk, and it is the best solution to avoid any mishap but also these useful tools are a real turning point!