8th February 2020

Every wedding tells about a love story and that is why it is special but what makes it unique is definitely the choice of a themeThemed weddings, between skepticism and tradition, had a remarkable response in recent years: there are many brides and grooms that prefer creativity and originality by focusing their wedding on a theme from which derive the choice of a precise style and a certain palette. Numerous ideas exist to be inspired to give life to a theme and if you already saw many of them at your friends' weddings, you can be sure that there are infinite combinations to personalize your one!

If you are wondering how to plan a themed wedding, today I will explain which are the basic steps to follow.


If you have no idea where to start, try to imagine your wedding and ask to yourself: what should it look like? What should it convey? Your true essence will come out and you will have to be faithful to yourself since the choice of a theme always reflects the personality of the couple. My work as a Wedding Planner leads me to pay attention to every detail from the first meeting with my future spouses: it is essential to listen their history, define their characters and interests to create a harmonious project in line with the merger of bride and groom's personalities.

Delicate souls will choose a theme that speaks of feelings, literary or musical romanticism that tells about their love story; on the contrary, strong and exuberant personalities will prefer a theme that expresses theirself and therefore their passions, interests or origins. If the personality of the bride is the exact opposite of the groom's one, you just have to find the right compromise to merger them: after all... this is love!


Once the theme is defined, you can dedicate yourself to the creation of your moodboard: it is a collage with inspirational photos that have a common thread and that will help you to plan every aspect of your theme… From the color palette to the wedding style, from the details of the wedding stationery to the entire set-up.

Whatever the chosen theme is, the palette have to harmonize with the location and season's colors of your wedding: it is therefore advisable to choose where and when to get married before defining the palette. For a wedding in a historical setting, depending on the season, warm and pastel colors or the elegant total white are preferable, on the contrary a wedding in nature perfectly matches with cold or bright and intense colors.


The creation of the moodboard will allow you to have clear ideas on what the design of the entire set-up should be and which vendors you will need to realize it. Select those who are closest to the style of the images from which you are taking inspiration and show them your moodboard; in this way, you will receive detailed quotes from them and you will have the basis for refining a harmonious project with your vendors.

The moodboard, in fact, should be followed by a real graphic project on a scale to reproduce in the most truthful way possible what will be the entire layout of your day. If you are familiar with the design, you could try to make a graphic project by your hand or, on the contrary, you might think to hire a designer. Personally, as Wedding Planner & Designer, I create each project starting from the moodboard and then drawing on paper what to pay more attention to: the nave of a church, the hall of a venue, the mise en place, the sweet table, the wedding cake... everything must be designed and treated in detail.

The prepared project must then be shared with the main vendors involved in the stylistic aspect: the florist, graphic designer and cake designer will thus be able to faithfully reproduce what has been designed.


For a touch of originality, you should choose which details to use to personalize your theme. For details I mean all those decorative elements that give an imprint to your wedding: handcrafted items in wood, glass or ceramic, customized items from creative workshops, worked paper... are just some ideas from which to take inspiration to personalize your day with wedding ring case, wedding bags, place cards, tableau, favors.

Details always make the difference and this is why the theme choice must be combined with the choice of the wedding formality and style: a friendly and informal context such as a wedding on the sea or in nature with few intimates, will require a few simple decorative elements compared at a wedding in a castle or in a historic building for which you will have to carefully select refined materials to combine with a mise en place in line with the style of the entire event.

And if you really can't find a theme you like, don't panic: choose a trendy style that reflects your personality by remembering to combine the colors that best match the venue and season of your wedding.