3rd November 2022

Getting married far from the homeland is undoubtedly one of the latest romantic trends.

We are talking about two kind of escapes: the Elopement, for those who dream of a get-away alone or an intimate wedding with a few dear ones and the Destination Wedding, for a joyful wedding but with an equally small circle of guests.

Let's find out together the differences and the most loved destinations by the newlyweds.


The "Elopement" is nothing more than a love escape in another city or in a different country. However, it has nothing to do with the head shots of couples who run away to get married in total secrecy, nor with the escapes to get married against the wishes of the families! It is an intimate wedding, planned in every detail and loved by those who prefer an intimate atmosphere with a few special people (20 at most). However, it is not unusual to see couples leaving alone to get married, with no one at their side. Those who choose the Elopement have the opportunity to legally marry with a civil, religious or symbolic ceremony and, the latter option is especially valid in the case of a solitary escape as there are no witnesses.
The planning of the Elopement starts from the venue: it could be surrounded by nature, with a sea view or in a large metropolis, so as to combine scenic beauty, entertainment and culture. Furthermore, opting for an intimate wedding means being able to dedicate enough but not too much time to the planning: thanks to the small number of guests, preparations can start easily even a couple of months before the big day! Moreover, compared to the classic wedding, it is possible to save money to allocate the costs to more important aspects such as attention to details or the organization of the honeymoon, often in the country of the Elopement.



This trend refers to those weddings that take place in a different country than the fatherland of the couple. Tying the knot far from your own "micro-world", in scenarios that have a special meaning for you, will transform your wedding into an unforgettable memory for you and your loved ones.
Unlike the Elopement, unconventional and circumscribed, the Destination Wedding involves the transfer of the entire event and guests to another country, making the wedding similar to a holiday: not surprisingly, many couples decide to take advantage of the whole weekend to allow guests to discover the attractions of the chosen destination.

Usually between 50 and 80 people are invited as not everyone has the opportunity to travel for at least 3 days. At the same time, the budget of a Destination Wedding is quite flexible and subjective: you can choose to celebrate by focusing on the essentials or to spare no expense in order not to miss anything! Finally, it is the ideal chance to dedicate whole days to friends and relatives: in addition to the "big day", in fact, you have the opportunity to go on excursions, brunches and/or dinners that will allow you to immerse yourself in local customs and traditions.
The symbolic ceremony, being completely informal and celebrated everywhere, is the most requested for Destination Weddings: it happens especially when the wedding abroad and the related paperwork are difficult to manage or if the bureaucratic deadlines are too tight. In addition, the fact that you can choose any outdoor space makes this option particularly attractive: in this case, the couple gets legally married in their country before the destination wedding.


The management of an Elopement and a Destination Wedding requires excellent organizational skills and relying on a local destination wedding planner is essential to have the best options and solutions.
An expert figure will simplify your work: in addition to taking care of every logistical aspect, it will help you to manage vendors and all the expenses according to your budget. Do not forget that, although these kinds of weddings do not expect a large number of guests, a good budget is needed for their stay, travel, activities and any "pre" and "post" wedding celebrations.

Planning a wedding like this is exciting but a source of anxiety and stress. Being able to count on a professional who takes care of all these aspects and who has your best interests at heart, really makes a difference.
Since these are ceremonies carried out in faraway countries than the fatherlands, newlyweds usually combine the honeymoon with the celebration of the wedding. Generally the destination is a beloved place for the couple and, at the same time, it becomes the perfect destination for a holiday with close friends. 
Sometimes brides and grooms choose to get married in a special place for different reasons: for example one of the family comes from another country than the one in which the couple lives.


Italy is definitely the favorite destination for couples from the USA, Canada and Northern Europe: there are many spouses from Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands who dream of a Destination Wedding or an Elopement in the Bel Paese. From the refinement of the lakes of Como and Garda, to the suggestive Tuscan countryside, from the charm of the Amalfi Coast to the magnificence of the Sicilian Baroque, up to the white beaches of Sardinia and Puglia.

Equally popular are the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Formentera) for an intimate wedding and the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini, for lovers of breathtaking views. There are also couples who prefer to celebrate the wedding day in winter, without giving up a beautiful sunset by the sea, enjoying exotic food in tropical destinations. Finally, for those who dream big, the exclusive places in Dubai cannot be missed, surrounded by Middle Eastern luxury and perfumes


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