8th January 2021

The favor was born as a precious box holding sweets of the time made with dried fruit covered by honey. This small chest was given to loved ones as a symbol of good luck, during important events to remember in the aristocratic environment.

It is a centuries-old gift that originates in the fifteenth century when in Italy it was customary to exchange jewel boxes full of sweets, called confetti, between the noble families of the future spouses who celebrated their engagement. The habit of donating these precious boxes spread also in France and England later, until it became fully established in the late nineteenth century: for the wedding of the future king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele III, all the guests brought their favors as homage starting what would be turned into the modern tradition.

Once the status symbol of the aristocracy, the favor soon spread throughout society and its meaning has also changed. In the current era, this gift
is part of the custom of many countries and is no longer a simple box for sweets: the modern favor is a packaged gift, sometimes matched with a small sachet of confetti (sugared almonds). Today the wedding favors are given by the newlyweds, to their loved ones, as a sign of gratitude for having taken part in their most beautiful day; a sweet souvenir that cannot be missing in every wedding.

When choosing wedding favors, remember that they must represent your couple, your passions or simply your love but at the same time, they must be in harmony with the style of the wedding. If you have already planned everything according to your tastes, it will be easy to recognize the most appropriate wedding favor for the entire context looking through the many solutions offered by the market!


Useful favors for the daily routine are among the most popular for weddings in modern style.

No more knick-knacks that no one will remember: make your guests happy by choosing things for home, work or even travel. Original shakers, cutting boards, spice sets, sugar bowls and measuring cups, but also cosmetics, perfume or essential oils diffusers, as well as cute keychains and luggage tags.

These are just some original ideas for useful wedding favors, easily available also on online shops. There are a lot of virtual shops that are assorted and will allow you to create your wedding favor by choosing from different solutions of objects, decorations and confetti. Online shops are perfect for those who want to save time by quickly comparing the many alternatives on the web!


Similarly appreciated are enogastronomic favors with typical products of the area where the wedding will take place.

This kind of gift is often chosen by couples who love good food or wine and for this reason, they decide to get married in a destination rich in culinary specialties. Among pretty jars of jams or marmalades, bottles of oil or liqueur, local sweets packaged and matched with a bottle of good wine or filters of flavored herbal teas, you are spoiled for choice!

But that's not all: if you were supported by an efficient team of family or friends, you could even try the arduous deed of making typical homemade sweets. A wedding favor like that will be a tasty souvenir of your homeland or the country that hosted your destination wedding.


A trend  of recent years are ecological favors thanks to their zero environmental impact.

It is an ideal solution for weddings in natural style and is increasingly sought after by future spouses who care about the health of the planet. So here's the idea of giving succulent plants, bonsai, pots to water or even aerial plants in personalized wooden cubes. You could also match them to a message like: "Let love grow"!

Or what do you think of plantable favors? That's right, among the green solutions there are also bulbs, pencils and pens with seeds or products in sprouting paper. If you are wondering where to find everything, I guarantee you that there are numerous online shops born to embrace the idea of the ecological wedding favor in all its variants along with many other eco-sustainable products.


Couples who are passionate about art and what turns around it, will dream of a trendy and unusual wedding.

In this case, an original idea could be to donate favors made by artisans or artists, perhaps from the area to which the couple is bound. Decorated ceramics, candles or worked glass, handmade soaps but also mini artworks on hand-painted canvas.

Finding similar creations will not be difficult, just search online or take a tour of the streets of the most famous villages for their artistic and handmade creations. Guests will love these characteristic handworks as wedding favors and every time their eyes fall on them, they will think of you!


The future spouses who wish to make a charitable donation will opt for solidarity favors that are suitable for weddings in any style.

It is a selfless choice to embrace a just cause such as helping scientific research or less fortunate children, but also protecting the environment or the lives of animals.

Making a solidarity favor is really simple: just choose the non-profit organization to support and make a donation. On the wedding day, you will share this action with your guests by giving them your solidarity favors that are sachets full of sugared almonds with a message inside that talks about your initiative.


Once you have purchased your wedding favors, it will be important to adapt their packaging and sachets for confetti: colors, elements and fabrics must be the same as those of the wedding decors. But paying attention to all of this is not enough. Well yes, like the ceremony and reception, wedding favors also have their own etiquette.

According to the bon ton rules, the final decision about wedding favor is up to the future bride. If you are unsure of the quantity to order, you have to consider guests who will come to the reception as well as those who may surprise you with a gift even if they are not attending your party. One favor for each family and two for each unmarried couple will be enough but don't forget those for your maid of honor and best man, always different and of greater value. The etiquette also includes a small symbolic gift for those who contributed to make your wedding special: this is the case with the vendors you have relied on.

Although the use of favors has spread to many countries, confetti (sugared almonds) remain an Italian tradition. Even today, those who get married in Italy, match a sachet of five confetti with the wedding favor or, on the contrary, opt for the "confettata": a sweet table dedicated to a lots of confetti in different tastes and which can be eaten on the spot or brought home.

Finally, give the favors when the celebrations are almost over and your guests will come to greet you before leaving. Any gift you have chosen will surely be appreciated by your loved ones as it will symbolize your union and the memory of a beautiful wedding spent together.