12nd March 2021

Every future bride dream to find the perfect dress for the most important day of her life. Apart from objective beauty, the perfection of a wedding dress lies in its ability to best enhance the figure of any woman by expressing her most hidden essence: the dress you choose must speak for you but above all, it must make you feel special!

Among the difficulties in searching and the conflicting advice of loved ones, choosing the right dress is often experienced with vulnerability and insecurity. It is for this reason that Atelier Emé has decided to transform such a delicate moment into a pleasant experience to remember, proposing models of wedding dresses capable of satisfying every need. Leafing through the Atelier Emé collection, you will lose yourself among romantic and sensual dresses together with simple or more elaborate ones but that's not all. Brides who choose this brand will be able to request the customization of their dress for a perfect fit and a touch of originality with attention to the smallest details.

After all, Atelier Emé is a made in Italy brand that, over the years, has affirmed itself for the creation of high fashion wedding dresses through the use of fine and rigorously hand-finished fabrics. Whatever dress you choose, Atelier Emé will not disappoint your expectations. Today, however, I want to focus on the models of romantic wedding dresses created by this brand because you know, some more and some less, every woman dreams of feeling like a real princess on her wedding day!


The romantic wedding dress is a timeless dress that has retained its original imprint, despite its lines having been influenced over the years. Historical events and social changes have always conditioned ideals and the evolution of customs. Thus it was that at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the vision of femininity began to change and with it, even the clothes abandoned the artificiality and extravagance of the eighteenth century. If at first the pompous dresses were drastically replaced by empire-style models, in the 1830s romantic fashion made its debut in Europe. It was then that volumes made a comeback with draped gowns, while corsets continued to enhance the waist by combining with puffy sleeves.

These were the characteristics of the romantic wedding dress of the time, which was nothing more than the most beautiful dress you had in your wardrobe when you couldn't buy a new one. It seems obvious to point out that the wedding dress could be white as well as colored until Queen Victoria of England, a model for women of those years, chose a white dress for her wedding, making the use of other colors finally fade.


Today the lines of romantic wedding dresses have become simpler and lighter while retaining the distinctive elements that transform any woman into a real princess.

If you are wondering what makes a wedding dress romantic, just let yourself be captivated by the latest Atelier Emé collection. The romantic models signed by this brand are inspired by a refined, ethereal and dreamer woman who is preparing to get married imagining a happy ending with her sweetheart. The romantic bride by Atelier Emé will be able to choose from various models united by wide skirts that highlight the waistline but diversified by the different types of fabrics, colors and décolleté.

Tulle and chiffon give volume and lightness while rebrode lace and degradé floral motifs enrich the dress. Atelier Emé's favorite color is the traditional white with shades ranging from ivory to ecru but the brand has also decided to offer dresses in blush pink and champagne to please less conservative romantic brides. The bodices of almost every dress are embellished with crystals and beads that are intertwined with handmade embroidery. Among the romantic wedding dresses, there are models Lorelai, Sally and Jenevieve (pictured) that I think best express the romance of the brand: these dresses, like most of the others, have lines that can enhance any body thanks to the width of the skirt and the emphasized waistline. In addition, necklines on the back and décolleté of different depths enhance the femininity of a romantic bride who is preparing to live her fairy tale of love!

To complete the bridal look, the veil cannot be missing: a symbolic accessory that embraces tradition and should always match the chosen dress. Did you know that for each veil, the opposite rule applies? With a linear dress and no particular workmanship, you can dare with a more elaborate veil while a simple one like the tulle wedding veil will go better with a more sophisticated dress. Precisely for this reason, the models of veils proposed by Atelier Emé are different, each with different characteristics so as to enhance the beauty of any wedding dress. Between simple veils in soft tulle, embroidered on the bottom or with lace motifs on the edges, you will be spoiled for choice. The cut of the veil also has its importance: for a touch of panache you can choose one at shoulder height while a short veil in front and long in the back will give you a retro charm. Finally, a long cathedral veil will match any romantic wedding dress and will make your entrance to the altar majestic.