28th January 2023

The appointment with the presentation of the first wedding dress collections for the spring/summer 2023 season has arrived on time. Due to the pandemic still in progress, once again the dream dresses designed by famous designers have not come to life on the catwalks of all the world. From New York to Milan, as in the main cities of the globe, each brand presented a preview of the 2023 wedding dress collections directly on the web as it happened last year.

The New York Luxury Bridal Fashion Week has just ended: one of the online shows thanks to which twenty-nine brands from eight countries have already been able to show their new collections through videos and photos. Let's find out how to choose the perfect gown and what's new about 2023 wedding dresses trends, waiting for the new collections of many other famous brands.


While trends are constantly changing, wedding dresses styles are roughly the same but different. A-line, mermaid, empire, ball gown or sheath are styles created to best enhance any type of woman figure:

  • Hourglass: proportionate body with shoulders as wide as the hips and accentuated waistline;

  • Apple: robust chest, as wide as the hips and imperceptible waistline because not thin;

  • Rectangle: skinny body with few curves, shoulders as wide as the hips and not evident waistline;

  • Pear: shoulders and chest visibly narrower than the hips with slim waistline;

  • Triangle: body with shoulders wider than the hips and fairly evident waistline.

The wedding dress, in addition to reflect your personality and the style of the wedding, has to enhance the shape of your body making you feel at ease. Are you ready to find out what's your style?

  • A-line: the gown has a tight corpet and gradually broaden to mask the width of the hips. This style fit good with any body type;

  • Mermaid: the dress is close-fitting from the corpet to the knees and then opens to reproduce the tail of a mermaid. It is a seductive style recommended to women with hourglass or pear figures;

  • Empire: the gown highlights the upper part of the silhouette and begins to widen under the breast. As the "A-line" style, even this one hides the hips and has a good fit on any figure type;

  • Ball Gown: the dress has a tight corpet and a wide skirt that ends with a medium-long tail. A princely style for who dreams of a tale wedding but not recommended to apple bodies;

  • Sheat: the gown is snug by softening at the height of the legs so as not to hinder walking. It is a simple style and best wraps hourglass or rectangle figures.

Knowing strengths and weaknesses of your body is the first step in choosing the most important dress in a woman's life. Now it is time to be enchanted by wedding dresses trends 2023!


The wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the least sustainable purchases since, as we know, a woman rarely chooses a dress that she can reuse on other occasions. Although this has happened until recently, a reversal of the trend is expected now. The delicate reality that we are experiencing, in fact, has influenced our lives and even future brides have new desires that cannot be ignored. The 2023 bride is imagined as a woman who is more attentive to sustainability and less predisposed to waste. She is a woman who wants to embrace freedom to celebrate again, albeit with discretion and giving greater importance to the values of life.

This is how brands have created dresses that are sober but classy or minimalist enough to be worn even after the wedding day. The choice of the bride-to-be falls on a dress with simple lines: mikado, cady or satin are the most used fabrics to create tight-fitting dresses or gowns with clean architectural shapes. For those who are planning a micro-wedding and are looking for a versatile outfit, pretty different from the long gown, there is the chance to choose between midi solutions, double dresses and split suits. These elements characterize most of the clothes of the new collections of brands such as Alexandra Grecco, Markarian, Kosibah and Lihi Hod (pictured). Their minimalist models are an invitation to enjoy the small moments of life and the beauty they convey: the glitz takes a back seat and the bride's emotions come first.


While we plan to leave the pandemic behind, we can already feel a breath of optimism in the air as when nature awakens after a cold winter. Starting from this idea, several designers have been inspired by the beauty of gardens and fields in bloom to design a fresh interpretation of timeless wedding dresses. The authenticity of a heavenly nature is the protagonist of some of the spring/summer 2023 collections: a real tribute to the femininity of the woman whose beauty is enhanced.

The 2023 bride can choose to wear a true hymn to nature in its various forms. Tulle, taffeta and chiffon give a touch of lightness to romantic wedding dresses with slightly emphasised volumes. On the contrary, the combination of fabrics such as silk, satin and mikado gives life to celestial dresses with more artificial lines with wide skirts and tight bodices. Examples are the collections of Hayley Paige, Marchesa Bridal Couture, Enaura (pictured) and Ines Di Santo. Their pieces are united by haute-couture fabrics, along with floral lace motifs or more extravagant details such as petals and bundles of buds on gowns and veils. The wedding dresses inspired by nature, want to transform any woman into a goddess, giving homage to her femininity and vitality.


Love wins over everything and it is ready to shine again in a post-pandemic world. To pay homage to such a strong feeling, some brands have not been intimidated by the dark period and have chosen to offer beautiful dream dresses. Those who get married in 2023 are spoiled for choice among glamorous gowns that embody elegance, power and seduction. It is no coincidence that the new collections of wedding dresses were inspired by virtues such as strength and courage with the hope of making every woman live a fairy tale.

While there are brides who are planning a small wedding, many others can't wait to celebrate big to leave an unforgettable memory. The bride who has not stopped dreaming chooses a sophisticated dress, capable of enhancing her beauty to the fullest: if you recognize yourself in this description, the new pieces by Justin Alexander, Morilee, Elie Saab (pictured) and The Atelier Couture, will be for you. Organza, satin and tulle bring to the stage voluminous but impalpable dresses, while lace work, asymmetrical straps and necklines of different depths, give life to refined bodices embellished with sparkling crystals and beads. The new collections of fairytale dresses embrace femininity in all its forms: the 2023 bride can finally return to center stage, transforming herself into a romantic princess or a sensual queen.