Wedding Services

The Wedding Planner is a fundamental professional for the organization and the success of a marriage: thanks to its preparation and experience, it saves time, energy and money to the spouses who will live their most important day away from stress and worries.   

Entrusting your marriage is an act of extreme trust and for this reason Noemi carries out an accurate job to offer different services respecting the needs and desires of the future spouses.


Our first consultation is free: Noemi meets the couple and collects informations to propose different options for the best planning of what is required.
In fact, our future spouses can choose between three different packages:
- Wedding anti Covid-19;
- Total or partial Planning;
- Wedding Coordination.
Alternatively, a tailor-made package can be developed to meet any couple's needs.


2020 is the year of rescheduled weddings: if there are those who have chosen to postpone their wedding until 2021, many other couples will not to give up on their "I do" in 2020But how to reschedule the wedding and put the distancing measures into practice so that brides and grooms can safely celebrate their day with guests?

After the first wedding coordinated by Noemi in the phase 2, we have a new formula to help couples who will get married this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing:

  • Re-Plan: a service for brides and grooms that, before their new wedding date, may have to reprogram different aspects of their big day for several reasons: finding a new supplier, formulating a plan B, re-designing the decor set-up etc. Thanks to our support, the re-planning will be quick and will be lived by future spouses without stress;
  • Wedding day Coordination: to our coordination service which includes the preparation of a detailed timeline of the wedding day, we have integrated a real anti-mass gatherings plan. To future spouses and their vendors, we indicate which measures to adopt in compliance with the protocols issued so that brides and grooms can celebrate in total safety with their guests. On the wedding day Noemi will be present to coordinate each phase of the day and ensure the compliance with the distance measures.

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The most demanding couples can request this package to entrust us with the wedding planning in its totality starting from the preparations up to the wedding day.

The "Total Planning" package includes the following services:

  • Styling: concept and design of the decor set-up, style or theme;
  • Budget Plan: planning of costs to meet your budget;
  • Time Plan: planning your check list to know what to do month by month;
  • Wedding bureaucracy assistance with all the procedures and documents to get married legally;
  • Presentation of locations/caterings;
  • Presentation of vendors;
  • Vendors coordination;
  • Coordination of preparations;
  • Artistic direction: setting-up the venues so that everything will look as projected;
  • Wedding coordinator: scheduling the timeline and coordinating the whole wedding day;
  • Wedding secretary: fixing appointments for you and remind you about them;
  • Wedding website: creation of your personalized website;
  • Look Consultation: guiding you with the choosing of the most suitable looks.


This package is chosen by couples who want to entrust us only part of the planning of their wedding because they have the material time to take care of the rest.

The "Partial Planning" package includes the following services:

  • Styling: design of style and theme of marriage according to your tastes;
  • Presentation of locations/caterings;
  • Presentation of vendors;
  • Vendors coordination;
  • Coordination of preparations;
  • Artistic direction: setting-up the venues so that everything will look as projected;
  • Wedding coordinator: scheduling the timeline and coordinating the whole wedding day;


Finally, there are those who prefer to organize everything by themselves but on the wedding day, during celebrations and toasts, who will take care that everything goes as planned by the spouses?
So here we have thought about the "Wedding Coordination" package: a very useful service for those who want to celebrate their wedding in total relax!
A month before the wedding, Noemi meets the bride and groom to schedule a detailed timeline for their wedding ceremony and/or for the reception.
On the wedding day, Noemi will be present exclusively to coordinate each phase so that everything goes as planned by the newlyweds.


Each service mentioned in the paragraph "Total Planning Package" can be purchased individually to compose a tailor-made package designed to meet any need of the future spouses.