Speed Dating and Speed Dining are social games designed to facilitate meetings between single people. Born in Los Angeles, they soon also arrive in Italy with great success! Since 2014 we organize these events with professionalism in Milan, Turin and Rome

How does our Speed Dating work?

20 men and 20 women sit in tables for two and they have a limited time to introduce themselves. After 5 minutes, a bell rings and men move to the next date, until everyone has completed their dates. Everyone expresses its preferences on a scorecard: in the following days, we will let you know if there have been matches with someone and in this case, we will send you personal data of the person you had the match with! In addition, the event includes a welcome buffet to allow participants to break the ice before the game.

How does our Speed Dinner work?

20 men and 20 women take their seats at 4 tables and have 30 minutes to know each other at dinner: at the end of each course, women stay seated while men move to the next table to eat the next course and meet new women. There are 4 courses and 4 shifts during everyone expresses their preferences on a personal scorecard; disco party will follow to let everybody knows each other better and, in case of matches, also in this case we will put participants in touch.

Why to participate at our events?

Speed Dating and Speed Dining are an exciting experience to meet singles in a friendly atmosphere with no embarrassmentIt can be mistakenly considered an instrument that forces singles to know each other; the truth is that this kind of event lets you have an enjoyable evening in which it will be easier to socialize given that all the participants are united by the status of "single". Whether you simply want to spend a different evening or look for your soul mate, our events will not disappoint you.

Why to choose our events?

Our Speed Dating and Speed Dining events are appreciated for different reasons:

  • numerical parity between male and female participants for whom the event is balanced;
  • everybody books spontaneously and is really motivated to find new friends;
  • participants are selected by Noemi according to specific criteria;
  • singles of the same age group, 30/42 years or 43/55 years: we promote meetings between people avoiding significant age differences!

Those who participate in our events do not risk finding themselves in a badly organized evening as we offer the right mix of seriousness and fun, doing a precise and professional job to meet the expectations and needs of each participant. 

How to book?

After consulting our Events Calendar, you can book a Speed Dating or Speed Dining event in your city. Once the reservation is made, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your presence.

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