Wedding 2020: incoming trends and ideas

25th November 2019

Every woman imagines her wedding day ever since she was a child but often, as she grows up, tastes and trends change and I am the proof: I dreamed for years a formal wedding in perfect princely style but the passion for my work, led me to be curious about everything that revolves around the planning of a wedding and I start to re-evaluate those special and informal styles.

Defining the style of your wedding is essential for the future spouses who are facing up to the wedding world for the first time: they should have clear ideas about what they want not just for themselves but also for those who will work for them. In fact if you know what you want,  you will make less effort to make the right choices such as the selection of suitable suppliers that will be able to do what you desire to meet your expectations!

In case you are looking for useful ideas to create a personalized and at the same time, a glamorous wedding, let yourself be inspired by the wedding trends of 2020: let's discover them together!


Baroque style is the dream of couples who love luxury without falling into excess: for this purpose it is important to combine elaborate stylistic elements with more linear and simple ones.
On the wedding day there is a riot of flowers: floral tall centerpieces or floral runners mixed with candleholders on long imperial tables.
In 2020 the trendy shades will be pastel colors combinable with white, gold and crystal details.
Elegant entertainment and light shows will envelop your guests in a fabulous atmosphere.
Setting is princely and the most suitable scenarios for this style are medieval castles, historic villas and famous old houses. Light designer will make atmosphere even more suggestive and magical if wedding will take places on evening.


  • noemi-bellante-wedding-planner-trendenze-trends-2020-matrimonio-bohemiene-boho-4
Bohemian style (or boho) is the preferred one by those who want a romantic but unconventional wedding with vintage/naturalistic details.
On the wedding day, floral decors with apparently wild traits are actually the result of a careful work of attention to every smallest details.
In 2020 the trendy shades will be pastel colors but those who choose this style will be able to dare with bright colors like purple, yellow, orange mixed with the classic white color, macrame details, lace fabrics and vintage decors.
Locations surrounded by nature are the right choice to celebrate in perfect bohemian style.


Natural-chic style is the choice of those who want to turn their wedding day into an experience in the nature.
This new trend is replacing the shabby and country style.
On the wedding day the natural elements predominate: raw wood and natural fabrics (jute, canvas, cotton...) mixed with delicate and wild floral decors.
In 2020 the trendy shades will be pastel colors combinable with nuances from ivory to ecru.
Seaside or country locations are the ideal places for a wedding inspired by this style: beaches, large farm, farmhouses and farmsteads to celebrate with your guests.
Rows of outdoor lights and hanging foliage are the final touches of a special natural-chic wedding.