Wedding Trends

Defining the style of marriage is essential to be able to design and plan every detail of the wedding day: Noemi Bellante Wedding Planner is constantly looking for new trends to plan weddings that reflect the tastes of the future spouses and that are in step with fashion.

For the wedding trends in 2019, "gold" will be the protagonist who will revisit two already known styles:
  • Baroque style: for a sumptuous wedding without falling into excess. It is important to combine highly elaborate stylistic elements with others that are more linear and simple; all wrapped up in a magical atmosphere to let everybody lives a fairytale;
  • Bohémien-chic style: for a romantic but unconventional wedding with naturalistic details combined with bright colors such as green, brown and purple. The ideal style to celebrate with your guests in locations surrounded by nature.
The Wedding Planner gives life to a "unique" style tailored for the couple.
However there are some common styles established since some years, that can be a source of inspiration for future spouses: luxury, shabby, vintage, country, eco-friendly... let's get to know them better.

Luxury Wedding

On the wedding day there is a real triumph of flowers with candles and fabrics of great value such as silk, satin and organza. 
It's important to choose refined materials (porcelain services with details in gold, crystals, silver) alongside a class menu with high quality food; soft colors can be combined with strong ones or with pastel tones.

Live music, pyrotechnic shows and gala dances can help to make the atmosphere luxurious and will make your guests lose themselves in a fairytale dimension. 
The setting is a princely type and the most suitable scenarios for this style are medieval castles, villas and famous historic houses. In case the wedding takes place on the evening, you can rely on a light designer who will make the atmosphere even more evocative and magical.

eco-friendly Wedding

The eco-friendly style is becoming trendy among couples who want to get married without forgetting to respect nature even in their most beautiful day.
The green solutions concern every single choice:
- nearby locations and suppliers to avoid traveling by car;
-"0 km" menu based on fresh, organic and local products;
- invitations in recycled paper or in "virtual" format;
- flowers and decorations in paper or cloth;
- dresses and rings in eco-chic materials;
- solidarity favors are an alternative to plants and jars of local products.
The dominant color is green combined with white or earth colors as ecru and turtledove while the locations are mostly outdoors for ceremony and wedding party.
For this kind of wedding  any solution is valid as long as it has a zero impact on the environment!

country-chic Wedding

Country-chic wedding is the choice of couples who wish to celebrate in an intimate and informal atmosphere but at the same time with a refined touch.
The country solutions concern every single choice:
- rustic locations surrounded by nature;
- menu with traditional and local cuisine;
- handmade invitations and favors from the country theme;
- bouquets and decorations with field and seasonal flowers;
- dresses with soft and comfortable cuts for the bride and groom.
The key element is the raw and natural wood, the dominant color is brown combined with flowers and decorations in light or warm colors together with lace, jute, canvas, cotton.
The ideal places for a country ceremony are country churches or you can choose the same location for the ceremony and wedding party: farms, cottages, farms and farmhouses are the most appropriate options.